July 12, 2006


bday bash
for double digit girl
last night

unhappy to leave
the party
she handled it
with such grace
a small crumple of her face
and reassurance
to her father
a girl after my own
aching heart
smoothing things
on the outside
even when the pain
is on the inside
it never gets easier

husband told me to
upload some pics
on my blog
feel weird about that
still adjusting to
the whole "world wide web"
once it's out there
it's really OUT THERE
so here's a few
i picked carefully
for now...

The classic helping-dad-mow-the-grass picture...

My trip to the zoo? I took a bunch of kangaroos and their trainer!

Trip to the Reds Museum a while back...here's the next future player. Needs to grow into that jersey a bit...

Daddy thinks this looks like Charlie Brown. I think it looks like the worried pitching coach heading back to the dugout...

We have a doe and a fawn that are living in the woods just beyond the tree line in the back yard. The fawn got brave one day and I snapped a picture. This is about eight feet from our back door.

by the way
i edited the html
to get these pictures
in the right place
big little bro
how 'bout that? :)

2 rays through the fog:

Big Little Bro said...

Nice job with the HTML! You'll be L33T before you know it!

Blazer1234 said...

Very cool blog. I wish I had deer in my yard...of course I say that now, but knowing my luck they would be eating all of my plants and trees. i hope they aren't doing that to your yard.

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