April 12, 2006

spring break

i always dread
spring break
i mean i like spring
and i really like
the break part
but the idea of more kids
bouncing around in the house
makes me wonder
if it really is a break

but it hasn't been so bad
i think the monkey
swinging in another
tree for a while
although unintentional
was a good idea

with the sun shining
we rented a row boat
and took off across the lake

we had a small dead fish
along for the ride
that totally grossed out
the talker
finally she released it
with a ride on a stick
to its final resting place
in the water

and the talker actually
did okay
rowing our little boat

the lion thought it was fun
and looked cute in his litte
life jacket
"case i fall in de water"
"dis is fun, mommy"

three blisters
and a sunburned face later
we made it back to shore
what a good workout
the wind and the water
ahh...spring break

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